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Property Valuation for Real Estate Investors

Knowing what a property or a business is truly worth—in the market rather than on paper—is critical to obtaining optimal results in every transaction. You want your property to have a real-time valuation based on the realities of the market rather than a theoretical analysis.

At Frontline we are in the market on a daily basis, buying and selling properties, talking to brokers, buyers, and lenders. That’s why we can provide valuations with up-to-the-minute accuracy on where properties are actually trading.

Frontline principals are experts at completing valuations for all asset classes of real estate properties and geographic locations. We will quickly assess your situation and determine various alternatives that coordinate with your objectives and your timeframe, always with an eye towards maximizing value.

We have the ability to complete valuations both for real estate and for operating businesses, with a strong emphasis in the franchise and restaurant industries. Our valuations reflect real-world market conditions and are backed with our specialized expertise and years of successful experience. Trust Frontline Real Estate for valuation and commercial real estate investment in Chicago.

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