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Flip or Lease? What’s Best for Your Investment

Published on October 15th, 2020

Our commercial real estate brokerage in Chicago works with clients who have a variety of different goals and interests. While many individuals come to us looking to be set up with the perfect location from which to run their business, others are seeking a partnership with a savvy agent who will find them the perfect location to lease or flip. If your interests in commercial real estate stem from a desire to turn commercial property into a money-making venture, read on to discover the benefits of both leasing and flipping.

Why You Should Buy to Lease

An investor who is looking to lease a commercial property should be in it for the long-term benefits. The greatest benefit to commercial leasing is that the property owner receives consistent cash flow. If you’re able to rent the space to an ideal tenant who can more than cover your mortgage costs, you’ll be able to start enjoying the returns immediately. Even when the air between rent and mortgage costs isn’t great, there may be attractive tax benefits to take advantage of along the way. Down the line, if your property continues to accrue value with continued area development and upkeep, you may end up making a handsome profit from a future sale.

Why You Should Buy to Flip

If you are the kind of real estate investor who is looking to build your wealth more quickly, buying and flipping may be a good strategy. The object here is to find a property in an ideal location for future buyers that is undervalued due to its condition. Comparing the current evaluation to a potential evaluation after repairs is the key consideration, but not the only one. Keep in mind that commercial property tends to ‘cycle’ on the market longer than residential, so an investor must be prepared to wait for the right buyer to come along even after repairs. In some cases, investors who are repairing a real estate property will begin looking for buyers before the full renovation is even complete.

Our Commercial Real Estate Brokerage in Chicago

Whether you are interested in purchasing commercial real estate to lease or flip, it’s best to work with a knowledgeable and well-connected brokerage. Our commercial real estate brokerage in Chicago has an experienced team of professionals who can provide guidance and help you find the perfect property to suit your needs. Reach out to us today to get started!

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