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What To Keep In Mind When Searching For A New Home

Published on July 30th, 2019

Searching for a new home comes with a lot of decision-making. It can be hard to narrow down exactly what you would like in a property while making sure you’re reasonable with a designated budget. Don’t get too stressed when buying a home—our property management company in Chicago has some tips to help you refine your search. 



Location is probably one of the most important things to consider when searching for a new place. Do you want to be in an area with good public schools? What about walking distance from multiple restaurants? Finding the right neighborhood can be overwhelming, so it’s important to tell your realtor exactly what you’re looking for (and maybe what you want to avoid) in a new home. 


Size And Floor Plan

The size of your potential home is good to keep in mind when searching—you should have just enough space to accommodate your needs. If a home is too small you will quickly become cramped, but if it’s too large, you might feel the need to downsize. It is best to know how much space you need and how you would like the floor plan to look before you start house hunting. 


Number of Bedrooms And Bathrooms

The number of bedrooms is particularly important for families or those who have visitors often. You don’t want to crowd your family with too few bedrooms, and if guests are regularly staying over, you should consider having a separate space for them. The amount of bedrooms in your home is dependant on your personal needs. Additionally, consider the number of bathrooms you’ll need. Do you want a half-bath on the first floor? Or do you want full bathrooms throughout the entire home? Consider your lifestyle when choosing room and bathroom count.


Kitchen Size

Do you consider a kitchen at the heart of your home? Is it where everyone hangs out when you have company over? When buying a new home, you should check out the different kitchen options to see how much storage space is available and also if it is easy to move around in. 


Storage Space

When clutter happens, make sure your new home is ready by checking out the storage space available. Some important things to look for are sizes of closets, crawl spaces, the size of the basement, or the extra garage space.


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