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Preparing For Spring | Commercial Real Estate Chicago

Published on April 8th, 2022

With spring in the air in Chicago, if you have a commercial space or are looking to purchase or lease one in the near future, you should start thinking about how to prep it. With the warmer weather come new challenges you may face as the building owner. Following are some ways you can get your building ready for spring.

Make Sure There’s No Damage From the Winter

Winter can have a great impact on your building and the area surrounding it. It may have affected the parking lot, building foundation, gutters, drainage pipes, asphalt, concrete sidewalks, and more. You should check over all your systems inside and out to ensure that the cold didn’t ruin anything, and if it did, contact a team to get it fixed. Don’t forget to check your roof for damage from snow as well as the piping for any cracks.

Focus on the Landscape

The foliage on your property will most likely need some cleaning up after a full season of snow, ice, and sleet. The trees may have broken branches and small scrubs may be dying and need to be replanted. Snow plows may have ruined your lawn and the mulch beds may not be thriving.

Without your foliage looking like it’s taken care of, your building probably won’t look as professional and presentable as you’d like. Make sure you hire landscaping services to ensure the outside looks as welcoming as possible.

Deep Spring Cleaning

The interior of your building is quite important as well. Spring is the perfect time for a deep spring cleaning, especially after a winter of salt de-icers, sludge, mud, and snow on your floors. Spring also brings along a lot of pollen and allergens in the air, so making sure your building is as clean as can be can reduce allergens and increase indoor air quality.

Don’t forget about dusting high surfaces as well as spraying the perimeter to prevent ants or roaches.

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