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How Frontline Real Estate Can Reduce Costs & Add Value as Your Property Manager

Dealing with commercial real estate investments in Chicago can be intimidating if you aren’t familiar with the industry. Because of this, we know what it takes to not only guide our clients in the right direction, but we do it in a way that will save them money as well.

A Wide Variety of Clients

From real estate owners to lenders to those who simply need an advisor who they trust to manage their real estate properties, we serve a variety of clients with a wide-range of real estate needs. Because of this, we see situations from a unique point of view, enabling us to see the bigger picture in any given situation. Industries in which we are currently involved include retail, industrial, office, multi-family properties, residential properties, hospitality properties and special-use properties.

We Reduce Costs

Because our professionals are in-house, and we use our time in an efficient manner, we can cut costs in unexpected ways. We don’t need to turn to other sources for services like property management, maintenance, accounting, leasing or sales expertise. No matter the client, completing the given service in a high-quality manner but at an affordable cost is always our end goal.

We See Challenges as Opportunities

Unlike our competitors, we embrace a challenge, as we see challenges as a way to better our company and help our customers in return. In fact, one particular area in which we thrive is managing assets with complex circumstances. Do you have a single asset? Or maybe you have a portfolio of properties across many geographic locations. Regardless of the number of assets you have, we know how to properly manage them. Complicated foreclosures and bankruptcy situations are in our wheelhouse as well, and we believe this is what sets us apart from other companies.

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Experience is key when it comes to commercial real estate investment in Chicago, and at Frontline Real Estate Partners, that is exactly what we have! With over a decade of experience under our belt, our past projects allow us to move into future projects with the necessary confidence and understanding for success. If you are interested in our property management services or want to learn about our other services, reach out to us today to get started!

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