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Why Work in an Office? | Commercial Real Estate in Chicago

Published on February 22nd, 2022

With the COVID-19 pandemic taking control over many aspects of our lives over the past couple of years, working from home instead of in an office has been a huge one. However, with vaccinations in place and improved science and medication, restrictions are being lifted and some people are returning to work in person.

You may be wondering if it’s worth it to have an office space so employees have the option to come in. Following are some benefits of working in an office as opposed to at home.

Improves Collaboration and Innovation

When you are physically with other team members in the same space, it’s easier to collaborate together. The right office environment creates space for innovation where ideas can be easily shared. It’s easier to communicate with each other openly and stay motivated when other people’s positive energies are surrounding you. Office and company morale are much more easily boosted in person as opposed to virtually.

Better For Meetings

Conducting face-to-face meetings as opposed to virtual meetings have a multitude of benefits, including being able to read expressions and body language, being able to more freely bounce ideas off each other, and watching how clients and other employees engage. Being together in person makes everyone feel like they’re part of a whole, and this feeling is extra beneficial when it comes to working together during a meeting. Replicating this energy over the camera is not easy.

Benefits the Local Economy

Businesses, especially small businesses, have been greatly affected by the pandemic. Many areas of spending that people invest in have slowed down due to working from home, such as restaurants, coffee shops, transportation systems, clothing stores, and more. By having people come into the office, the local economy is sure to be boosted, therefore playing a small role in restoring the large economic losses.

Easier to Build Relationships

When working from home, it’s harder to not only build relationships, but also to meet new people and extend relationships beyond just those we work with. There might be many new people from your company hired during the pandemic who have never even met face-to-face. Being in the office allows everyone to build connections with employees they didn’t even know existed.

Random conversations in the hallway or at the water cooler or during lunch are what spur collaboration opportunities, new ideas, or advice-giving. While almost everything can be done online these days, nothing can replicate physically talking to people and organically meeting new employees. You never know who you might meet or what you might come up with just by networking with people outside of those who you directly work with.

Separates Work and Home Life

Work-life balance is extremely important. Not being able to separate working hours from your personal life can not only increase your stress levels, but make you feel less productive and more overwhelmed. Coming into the office is a great way to manage this balance. By having an office designated to just work, your routines are more easily set, and you can focus on being productive during the day and relaxed in your home.

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